Quarter 1 Incentive. Ice, Ice, Bulldogs

Promptly Prepared, Acting Respectfully, Working Hard, and Staying Safe

PBIS, or Positive Behavior Intervention and Support, is a program not unique to Walter Douglas but is distinctly implemented on our campus with great success. The purpose of this research-based program is to promote good citizenship and appropriate behavior through positive intervention and support.

Through PBIS, the common language of “PAWS” has been developed to establish school-wide expectations for behavior. Students are “Following PAWS” when they are: Promptly Prepared, Acting Respectfully, Working Hard, and Staying Safe. PAWS is implemented in all areas on campus for all grades, all of the time. Believing that PAWSitive reinforcement increases self-esteem and student success, we use this consistent system to unite our staff and students and set the tone as warm and welcoming.

Students are acknowledged for following PAWS and regularly receive PAWS bucks, PAWSitive referrals, and random incentives throughout the school year. Each quarter, a goal is set with a school-wide incentive tied to it. If students reach their goal, a benefit is attained by all. Celebrations have included school picnics, rotating outdoor play stations, dance parties, and even the chance for students to creatively decorate their teachers with squirts of colored paint - a real BLAST!

Incorporating PBIS and making it our own here at Walter Douglas has helped to provide students with a common language, a standard for excellence, and reachable goals.

Collage of Walter Douglas students enjoying their “Party at the Playground” reward for reaching their third quarter behavior incentive! Pictures include students hula hooping, getting their faces painted, and sharing a good picnic meal and laugh.